To guarantee the freshness, quality & flavour we make, bake & cook in store all day every day.


Pizza & Pool

Take out

Crayfish Salad
Treat yourself to dinner for 2.
Coffee for here & take away
Bell Lane, Irish roasting company
Breakfast to go!
Have a great start to your day anywhere
Salad & Kebeb
A great choice of specials every day
We'er here day and nigh
Brunch breakfast
The ultimate balanced breakfast
Club Sandwich, Tomato Bread
A day time pairing
Pancake, fresh juice & coffee
You can still treat yourself & stay healthy
A little art....
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We only use 100% organic coffee - A blend of Sumatra, Colombian & Brazilian beans to produce the Moondust blend provided by Bell Lane, small batch coffee roasters from Mullingar.

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